Name: Ben Soma
Species: Human
Sex: male
Birthday: March 12, 2351
Age: 25
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Background: Ben was born to parents that owned their own freighter; his father was the captain and his mother the ship medic. An only child, he spent most of his time growing up on board and visiting many ports of call. Tragedy struck when Ben's parents were killed in an attack by the Borg. Because of this, Ben went from ship to ship, finding work where he could. After the completion of a job at Starbase 85, he decided to remain on the station and search for a new direction in life. It was there that he discovered a career in Starfleet was what interested him most.

Starfleet Record: At Starfleet Academy, Ben studied security and tactical. After graduating, he was assigned to the USS Dennison and soon after, was thrust into the Dominion War where he served with distinction. After the war, the Dennison was taken out of service due to battle damage, and Ben was assigned to the USS Mithrandir. On one of the missions, he was abducted through a spatial rift by people that were trapped outside of normal space. They intended to use him in an experiment to return themselves, but he escaped. Using his martial arts training, he was able to avoid recapture for a while until he was eventually shot. The crew of the Mithrandir were able to find and rescue him, but he was in a coma for several months. When he regained consciousness, he decided to take some time for himself, Leaving the Mithrandir in a shuttle, he set out and was once again taken prisoner. The crew of the USS Rosenante rescued him, along with the crew of the USS Bohrs, and he was reassigned to the Rosenante in security.

During this assignment, it was discovered that the Borg had obtained a T'kon sphere, an artifact from an ancient race that would allow the Borg to travel back in time. Their goal was to go into the past of Earth and stop Humans from ever being born into existence. Along with the USS Boudicca, the Borg were stopped and Earth was saved. During this mission, it was discovered that Ben's parents had not been killed, but were assimilated drones. The Rosenante team was able to capture them and take them back to the ship, where medical teams severed them from the Collective, returning Ben's father and mother to him.

Because things were changing for Ben, his parents were back and he was engaged to be married to Marah Neru, a Bajoran woman he met at a martial arts tournament on Axtis III, Ben took a leave of absence from Starfleet and went to Earth.

When Starbase 1529 was ready for service, Ben was offered a position there as chief of security. Feeling the call to serve, Ben accepted the new position.

Personality: Ben is a likable person and makes friends easily, though he also has his more quiet and private times. He is dedicated and loyal to Starfleet, his ship, his crew members, and his friends, and is willing to sacrifice for them.

Skills: Security and tactical, weapons, martial arts, swordsmanship.

Miscellaneous: While in the academy, when his studies would allow, Ben would visit Japanese dojos to study martial arts under the masters. He has a katana given to him by his father, which he once thought was all he had left of his parents, until they were freed from the Borg Collective. He enjoys relaxing in a good holo-novel, martial arts training and competitions.